Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Marriage Turns 5 This Week!

     I can't believe it will be 5 years on Friday!!!  Remember my last post on marriage? Marriage hasn't been the easiest thing I have ever done but I have found in my life that sometimes it is the hardest things that give the best rewards. So I just wanted to share why I still call myself Mrs. Cook after a half decade of living with a certain Mr. Cook whom I have never stopped loving!
     One of my most favorite things about Mr. Cook is that when he can see that I am stressed, he immediately jumps in and starts helping me, or he puts his own opinions and ideas aside so that I can be happy.  For example, he hates spending money and a few years ago while I was pregnant with Sage, I was looking for a birth class to take that would help me with natural birth.  I found a Lamaze class offered at the hospital and was very distraught to find that the lady talked about epidurals and all the unnatural things Doctor's recommend to do.  After an hour and a half talking about that, she spent only a short 15 minutes talking about breathing through contractions and how they would like us to breath so hard that we  hyper-ventilate instead of push.  That scared me so bad and I just felt like crying.  Weston could see that the class made me unhappy and even though we had already paid for that class, he let me find a different one (which I LOVED by the way) and the class was more expensive.  He never got mad or stressed, he just wanted to make me happy and let me sign up for the other one (not offered by a hospital and this new class actually knew a thing or two about natural birth.)  I will always be thankful that he did that.
    That is just one example of the many times he has put my needs above his usual opinions and I appreciate him so much for that.  Also this is just one small example a midst thousands of reasons why I still call myself Mrs. Cook.  I love you Mr. Cook and I will continue to love you for Eternity (none of that till death do you part stuff, only Eternity for us).  Thank you so much for getting down on one knee on January 22, 2009, while cutely shaking with nervousness, and asking me to marry you, I am so glad I said yes!

    Becky joy

P.S. we are celebrating our Anniversary River Rafting and camping in Moab this weekend!!! So happy to be getting away with him. :)

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