Thursday, April 3, 2014

Me and my natural self

     From birthing my baby (you can read about here) to washing my face I like to do things a little differently.  I am not really sure why but I have always had this interest and passion for health and once I learn there is a safer/healthier route I usually direct myself that way.
      For example, I remember learning my Aunt gave birth to my cousin at home with out medicine and I remember my eyes getting big as I asked, "why in the world would anyone do that when they can have medication to make the pain numb?"   I mean really?? Why would anyone do that?   Well then as I sat in my human development class when I was 18 my teacher started talking about the risks that come from an epidural and pitocin.  I seriously left that class with a new decision, I was going to have my baby naturally and I did (well as much as I could having my baby in a hospital room, I think they ended up hooking me up to sugar water and some antibiotics since my water broke which I was fine with).
     So anyway, the other day Sage had a little accident while in the bath tub which meant it was time to clean.  Now usually a person might use bleach, Clorox, or some other chemical that is doing who knows what to our home environments and I like to stay away from those products as much as I can.  I will pull out the bleach when mold is involved but other than that I really just try and do things a little more naturally.  
     So here is how I cleaned my bathtub:
First of all I take baking soda and sprinkle it all over the tub.  Another thing I like to do sometimes is mix the baking soda with dish soap and oils to make a paste.  
One of the benefits of cleaning with natural products is that Sage cleans with me and she loves to help! P.S. I just love how her hair curls when it is wet.
Then I sporadically pour a few drops around the tub and floor followed by vinegar.
It's a little hard to tell but when I pour the vinegar it reacts with the baking soda and this is the best time to scrub the floor.
After I am done scrubbing and rinsing it out, I finish off by spraying Hydrogen peroxide on the tub floor and just leave it there until the next shower.

     So that is how I clean my tub,

Love, Becky joy

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