Monday, April 21, 2014


     We celebrated Easter this year in Ferron, Utah with my Parents and sisters.  I loved growing up in Ferron, it was so fun, basically as a child we ran around (without shoes on) all over town.  It was a lot of fun!  
     Sage and I actually went on the Tuesday before Easter to celebrate my Mom's birthday with her.  Happy Birthday Mom, you have been such a wonderful Grandmother to Sage!
Also here is a little peek at my baby bump from that day. 

On Wednesday, we went to the Wave pool with my sisters!  It was so fun, I was a little worried about how the waves would be with a little 2 year old but she had a life jacket and I had a toddler size tube and I just held on to the tube the whole time the waves were on and the water never came over her head once.  It was also super cute because every time the buzzer would go off she would get really excited and yell, "the waves are back!"
 On Thursday we went to the Easter Egg Hunt held at the Rodeo Grounds in Ferron.  It was super cute watching Sage find an egg and place it in her basket.  It was kind of crazy when they yelled, "Go!"  Those kids are fast!

On Saturday Weston came to Ferron to join us and we decorated Easter Eggs, I got a tye die and glitter kit and we made some pretty fabulous eggs. While coloring eggs I explained to Sage the symbolism behind Easter eggs and how because the Savior died for us, we can be reborn.  You can read more of my thoughts of the true meaning of Easter from here. #BecauseofHim

     We had a really nice Easter this year!  After Sage went to bed on Saturday night I hid her basket and it when she woke up I helped her look around the house for it.  She was super excited when we found it and that the Easter bunny left her some nice things.  Her basket included: "The Easter Story" (a book I got from Wal-mart that talks about Jesus and the true meaning of Easter), Some fruit snacks, heart shaped bracelets, a coloring book (from my sister Katie), a little soft stuffed bunny, and a chocolate bunny (from my parents), and of course her traditional Easter Dress that I make her every year!  I will show pictures of her dress in another post..

     Becky joy

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