Monday, April 28, 2014

My very own personal homemade bread baking lesson!

    A couple summers ago I decided to immerse myself into making homemade whole grain bread.  I explored blogs and got to work to only find, loaf after loaf was crumbly and brick like.  I still felt very excited and accomplished making bread (even though it wasn't very great) and I sort of moved on from that chapter and never returned.
     Then a few weeks ago in Relief Society a lady in my ward announced she will be making the bread for sacrament meeting and wanted to know if anyone would like to participate in doing this with her and if they did she would teach them how to make it.  I was excited and jumped at the chance!  I have never actually seen a person in real life make homemade whole wheat bread from scratch and I wanted to learn from someone in person! 
    So this weekend she gave me my very own lesson while we made the bread for the Sacrament:

I already had taken a slice out of the bread before the picture and it was so soft and not crumbly at all!  This morning I also had a couple slices for breakfast and it feels just like store bought bread except yummier!  This was a lot of fun and now all I need to do is practice, practice, practice!

Becky joy

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