Monday, April 26, 2010

Valentine's Day (Not Thanksgiving)

     I LOVE Valentine's day.  I LOVE the color pink and I LOVE holidays and this is a day where they are put together.  I even LOVEd Valentine's day when I was single.  I LOVE to make it fun by shaping everything I can into hearts and getting out the handy dandy red food die and making everything pink.  This holiday was especially special because it was the first holiday Weston and I have had with just the two of us as a married couple.  We had so much fun, well atleast I did.  We made Pavlova and died it pink.  The recipe I have is from Australia and I thought that would be cool because that is where Weston served his mission.  Valentine's day was the very first time I had even ever heard of Pavlova and with Weston's help, Weston's Mom's help, and the recipe we had a successful pavlova! 
     I thought it was really cute because I was planning on making biscuits and gravy after I got home from choir practice and when I got home Weston had already made them!  He even shaped them into hearts!!  It was such a fun day and I am so glad that I had Weston to celebrate the LOVE holiday with. I LOVE him so much.
     Oh and just in case you are wondering why it says (not Thanksgiving) it's because I kept calling it Thanksgiving for some reason and I have no idea why.  Weston had to keep reminding me that it was called Valentine's day.  Haha, good times.  If only I could get my holidays straight!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays

I loved spending Christmas with my family!  My Dad always likes to make Christmas fun and this year he decided to get Santa hats for a family picture.  It was quite the success thanks to my brother Nathan for grabbing my sister Katie as she tried to get away.  It might actually be a good thing that the little brothers are now big.

Sledding (Well I think this form of activity in the snow would have a different name but for now we will stick with sledding)

     Sledding with Weston's family was a completely new experience.  Let me explain.... Usually when I think of sledding I first imagine, well a sled, and then a long hill covered with snow with maybe some trees at the bottom.  At Weston's house we used a deer skin as our sled.  What I mean by deer skin is that we sled on the skin of a dead deer that they shot durring hunting season.  Luckily it was dark so I couldn't see what I was really sitting on. 
     The hill was really just a big mound of snow piled high that lead into a huge hole, about 20 feet deep, where everyone would drop into.  I didn't end up going down the hole because I want to live longer!!!  Plus, I had a horrible experience cow riding and since then I have come realize that I would rather be content on the side relaxing while I watched others do crazy (stupid) things.  I just hope that Weston lives durring them so we can grow old together, or so I can atleast have some form of entertainment while I sit to side. 

He Said/ She Said

What did you want in a husband/wife before you met?

He Said:  I had a mission companion who was making fun of "Molly Moromon" girls and I said that when I was going to get married, I'd be looking for a Molly Mormon.

She Said:  I probably had the longest list of things than any other girl who ever existed but when it came down to it, he had to love God and be a worthy Preisthood holder.

What is your first memory of him/her?

He said:  At her apartment playing games.  She laughed at everything I said because I had an accent.

She said: I was at Friday Forum at the LDS institute at Snow College and I was sitting directly behind Weston and his friend Carl Crosland.  Before the devotional started, Carl told Weston to stand up so they could find him a girl.  They both turned around and started looking around.  Weston had this crusty face expression and we had eye contact for a few seconds and then he kept looking.  After Friday Forum was over Carol introduced him to us as a boy from Australia and told Weston to talk.  Weston said, "What am I supposed to say?" in an annoyed Australian accent.  I asked if he was really from Australia and his friend Jonathan Crosland was shaking his head no.  I believe he had just got home from his mission like 2 days before.  

What did you think about him/her?  

He said:  I thought she liked me from the very beginning because she laughed at everything I said. 

She said:  He was really funny and would always say things in a deep crusty voice in an Australian accent.  He was really masculine and he always had some sort of scowl on his face. 

Describe your first date...

He said:  We went on a picnic to the cemetary.  We ate chinese and watched a movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

She said:  I was at my apartment trying to decide whether it was going to be a date or not and my roommates were all teasing me that it was.  I told him to text me when he got there but he came to the door instead so I thought, "this must be a date".  We went to Wal-mart and walked every aisle looking at everything and we got stuff for a picnic.  I borrowed (not stole because I returned it) one of the blue wal-mart baskets to be our picnic basket.  He paid for everything which finally made it an official date!  Plus  while we were in the store someone asked us if we were on a date and I looked at Weston, not sure of what to say, and he nodded.  We set up the picnic in the Ephraim cemetary and ate chinese food, and blueberry pomegranite icecream. Then we brought his laptop and the movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".  It was so late when we were done that we left the stuff there (on top of a grave) and didn't come back for it until the next day.

What made you start LIKING him/her?

He Said:  We were always together ( and in retrospect, always flirting, unintentionally of course) so it just sort of happened.

She Said:  We were having one of our little Fests for our Fest club and our friend Hyrum asked Weston to hum Hawaii Five-O and he actually did it!  I was so suprised and I couldn't stop thinking about him after that.

How did he/you propose?

He said: Very carefully.  Under the bell tower at SNOW after she got off of work.

She Said:  One night after I got off of work, he came to pick me up to walk me home.  On our way home we walked underneath the bell tower and as I went to keep walking he pulled me back underneath it.  It was lightly raining and I remember he was kind of shivering (which he never did so obviously he was nervously shaking).  He kept saying silly things like, "Do you want to fight?"  Finally he pulled out his Ipod and said he had a song he wanted me to hear.  It was so cute and I knew at that moment he was going to pop the question.  He put one of the headphones in my ear and then he took my hands and we slowly danced to the song as tears came to my eyes.  Then he said, "I have something for you, and you were supposed to notice it."   Then he picked up a rose off the ground and handed it to me.  Then he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him.  I said yes and then he picked me up and twirled me around.  I loved it so much!

Describe your wedding day?

He Said: It was a long day.  I drove up to Salt Lake and ran into her in the foyer at the Temple.  She was all nervous because she thought we weren't supposed to see each other yet.  Then I got ready and had to wait for ages with the other guys who were also getting married.  They came and got them when their fiances were ready until I was alone in the little room.

She Said:  I woke up that morning with a feeling of excitement!  I looked out the window and it was pouring rain and for some reason that made me even more excited.  My dad took me out to breakfast at IHOP and he gave me some advice of the kind of wife I needed to be for Weston.  When I got to the temple I saw Weston and I felt to dumb because I didn't expect to see him and my hair looked like an afro and wasn't ready yet.  When my Mom got there we went to the dressing room and I put my wedding dress on and this lady had me look in the mirror and told me to never forget this moment and how beautifull I looked.  When we walked in the sealing room I saw my Dad and he was crying so of course I cried the whole time.  After it was over, we took lots of pictures and headed to the reception.  It was so much fun and I never wanted that day to end.  It was a magical day and I felt so happy!