Monday, April 21, 2014

Sage's Easter Dress that I made!

I am a Family Consumer Sciences Education major aka home economics, aka sewing, cooking, human development, and Interior Design.  So I have taken quite a lot of sewing classes and I have to tell you, I couldn't sew a thing on my own in those classes.  For some reason when it came to reading a pattern or understanding the teacher's instructions, I felt like I was in Geometry class again (I did awful in Geometry, hardest math class I ever took).  I just didn't get it and I seriously couldn't sew a pillow case without someone standing right next to me telling me what to do next.  
     Then I had Sage and for the first time in my life, I wanted to sew.  I wanted to make her cute clothes and I found this wonderful thing called pinterest!!  I found tutorials where they show you step by step what to do (I am a very visual learner).  And I taught myself how to sew through blogs.  

Here is my very first project, outside a sewing class, on my own (except I went to a friend to help me with the buttons because it turns out my machine does not do buttons and I will be happy to take donations if anyone would like to help me buy a new machine ;)  

The next year is my favorite so far!  I am so proud of myself of how well the bib turned out and it was my first zipper as well:

I made the first 2 dresses following tutorials from

This year I didn't use a tutorial!  I saw a dress online called the Emmaline Maxi Dress and I made Sage's Easter dress this year inspired after this one.  I would have bought the pattern but it was almost 11 dollars and I didn't want to have to pay that and buy the material so I just tried doing it on my own.  I am so happy how it turned out: 

I am so happy I can sew now and I enjoy doing it very much.  Something that used to be such a puzzle to me is now such a joy and a hobby.  

    Becky joy


  1. You are doing a great job Becky. I always loved making dresses for my little girls. Maybe someday you can make her wedding dress. I made, your Mom's, Erika's and Elisa'a. Don't sew much any more. Love you

  2. Wow those are amazing Becky! Maybe someday I will be like you. :)

  3. Love the dresses! So cute! Sewing is such a great hobby. I love doing it whenever I get the chance.

  4. Oh my gosh, these are so cuuuute!!!

  5. Becky, you are very talented. Beautiful dresses.