Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014 and my Irish roots!

For this St. Patrick's Day I actually wasn't very prepared and after I realized I dressed Sage and I in clothes that didn't possess green at all,  I quickly decided to paint our nails green.  I seriously can't say this enough but I love my little girl soooo much!
       After our nails dried we made green (with pureed spinach) eggs. I love it how Sage will eat raw spinach leaves right out of the bag.  Also she is really good at cracking the eggs for me.  That was a part of cooking I always did (since ya know, she's 2) but then one day she picked up an egg out of the carton and banged the egg against the counter, handed it to me, and it was actually perfect. She has been the egg cracker since (I of course check the mixture closely to for shells).
    When Daddy got home we went swimming for Family Home Evening.  It was so much fun to go swimming as a family.  Of course it took a little convincing.  When Weston walked in the door I asked him if we could go (spelling it out so Sage wouldn't know what it was if he said no) "s-w-i-m-m-i-n-g" and he said he didn't want to.  Well Sage somehow understood what I spelled and she said, "I want to go swimming Daddy"  and of course he couldn't say no to his adorable little girl.  It was fun, Sage is really good at swimming by herself in a life jacket and Weston and I had fun racing each other.  P.S. Weston is super competitive and wins everything.... except swim races! I totally beat him every time.  After a few races Weston and Sage played together with a ball while I got some exercise in.
     It was also cute because when we got there Sage had to show off her green fingernails and explain to the girl behind the counter, "they're green," with of course the most serious face a 2 year old can accomplish.  It was cute and gave us a little laugh.
     So I am actually Irish! Well part Irish.  My Great Grandfather on my Mom's side of the family was born in Ireland and from what I've heard his family loved it there and never wanted to leave.  If I am correct he left because he had bad health and the air there was not good for him.  So if he would have stayed, I may have been an Irish woman (or Italian since that is my Dad's side).  My Great Grandfather was a very kind man who gave to others.  My Grandpa (his son) now lives in Pennsylvania and I would say he is a very giving person as well.  So there is a little history on my Irish roots.

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