Monday, March 31, 2014

A day at the Zoo, Sage's first Birthday Party and the Broadcast

     This weekend was a lot of fun!  I think I told my husband at least 10 times that I love having one thing after the next and being busy even though I would never trade the quiet moments with my family at home either.
     First of all I want to talk share my feelings about the Relief Society Broadcast from Saturday.  I am just so thankful I have the opportunity to listen to Latter day prophets and leaders.  The spirit touched my heart that night and I invite you to watch it by clicking here.  At the beginning of the conference the General Primary President spoke and she asked all the 8-11 year old girls to stand up and sing the first verse to "teach me to walk in the light".  As I watched the little girls sing the words with such confidence my eyes began to fill with tears.  It was so amazing to me to get to feel of their strong spirits.  After they finished, the President asked us all to join in on the second verse and I could barely get any words out as I continued to be flooded with a spirit of peace.  I am just so thankful I was there that night.  I needed it.
     On Friday I drove up to work with Weston, dropped him off, and met up with my parents for a fun day at the Zoo.  When we first got there we were a little disappointed because there were a lot of exhibits closed until May but then once we started walking around we realized this was actually one of the best experiences we have ever had at the zoo because the animals weren't sweltering hot and we got to see a lot of action.  Also a cool experience that we had was seeing the Rhino's get fed and while they were feeding them they talked all about them.  It was a pretty neat experience.
It was pretty funny because my Dad saw a wagon sitting around and he decided that if the people were just going to leave it there carelessly then he was going to use it. He makes us all laugh.
The orangutan was pretty fun to watch, he kept looking at everyone then he would do some tricks.  Monkeys like to show off just like people do.  

I had to tease my Dad because I didn't think his photography was very good but still glad we finally managed to make it into a picture he was taking. 

When we got to the bears they were climbing on top of each other and playing just like puppies! Sage kept saying, "stop fighting bears!"  I have seriously never seen anything like this at the Zoo, usually all the animals are sleeping and look miserable. 

The giraffes are Grandma's favorite, besides Sage that is.  

Loose Rooster!
On Saturday, Sage got to go to her very first birthday party!  
It's hard to tell but Sage was so excited to give Brenda her present

Sage and Brenda playing.

Love, Becky joy

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