Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, kite flying and being with friends

      Today the weather was beautiful.  Spring and summer are definitely my favorite seasons.  I love the fall for it's beauty and holidays and the winter for Christmas and the beautiful winter wonderland but after a few days of cold weather I am ready for spring and summer again.  
     Last night while I was at Wal-mart I ventured over to the summer aisle and bought some bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and a kite.  Then today I woke up and thought, it would be a whole lot more fun if we invited friends over to enjoy it with us. :)

THE BEAUTIFUL GROUP (taken by our 4 year old photographer Jordan):

First row: Audrey, Trisha holding baby Harris, Me holding Sage, Brittany holding Sadie, Nadia
Second row: Eva, Porter, Zach, Brenda

I sort of love these pictures where we are not quite posed yet.  
I had some tutus, headbands (crowns), rings, and necklaces from Sage's Princess themed birthday party (that I never ended up doing) and we dressed up all the little girls as little Princesses.  Can I just add it is so cute watching a little girl light up when you tell her she's a princess, I suppose each of us girls have royal blood in us being daughters of a King and all. 
 Red light-Green light

 Side-walk chalk, hanging out, bubbles, and kite flying.  Basically just a fun day out in the sun.

Thank you so much for joining me ladies, it was such a fun day for both Sage and I. 

Love, Becky joy


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