Monday, April 26, 2010

Valentine's Day (Not Thanksgiving)

     I LOVE Valentine's day.  I LOVE the color pink and I LOVE holidays and this is a day where they are put together.  I even LOVEd Valentine's day when I was single.  I LOVE to make it fun by shaping everything I can into hearts and getting out the handy dandy red food die and making everything pink.  This holiday was especially special because it was the first holiday Weston and I have had with just the two of us as a married couple.  We had so much fun, well atleast I did.  We made Pavlova and died it pink.  The recipe I have is from Australia and I thought that would be cool because that is where Weston served his mission.  Valentine's day was the very first time I had even ever heard of Pavlova and with Weston's help, Weston's Mom's help, and the recipe we had a successful pavlova! 
     I thought it was really cute because I was planning on making biscuits and gravy after I got home from choir practice and when I got home Weston had already made them!  He even shaped them into hearts!!  It was such a fun day and I am so glad that I had Weston to celebrate the LOVE holiday with. I LOVE him so much.
     Oh and just in case you are wondering why it says (not Thanksgiving) it's because I kept calling it Thanksgiving for some reason and I have no idea why.  Weston had to keep reminding me that it was called Valentine's day.  Haha, good times.  If only I could get my holidays straight!


  1. Yay Becky you started a blog!!! Now I can REALLY stalk you! :o)

  2. Yay for Valentine's Day and LOVE! haha You guys are so cute. Hope you guys have a great time in TExas. Also I just started reading "The Uglies" and just finished "Sus5an Smith the 5 is silent" Great books! If you read any other fun ones, let me know!