Thursday, May 8, 2014

Making special memories on a small budget

     Today I was watching the show "Cake Boss" and a Mother on the show decided to throw a party for her son who was having a hard time and she got him one of the cakes of course from the store Carlos Bakery.  I saw the joy and surprise on the little boys face when his cake was delivered and then I saw the joy on the Mother's face and I thought to myself, "that must be so special for that Mother to see her son with such joy.  I will never be able to make special moments for my children like that."
     Then my next thought was,  "actually of course I can make special moments for Sage, she doesn't need a big cake covered in pop tarts and candy to be happy, all she needs is me taking time with her."
     My husband is such a good example of making special moments for Sage:  he reads books with her daily, he'll come home and have a tea party with her, he'll sit next to her and watch a show with her of her choice,  he will stop what he is doing and play hide and seek on command (after all she can be quite a bossy little girl), he basically gives her his time.  I am sure if we got her a fabulous cake it would be a special memory for her but I think she is having lots of special memories made everyday with her Daddy (and they don't cost a dime).
     So today as I was mopping the floor, Sage came out and asked if I wanted to make a craft with her (she was putting stickers on her toys), and where I would usually say, "I am mopping right now, maybe later"  (and later usually never comes when I say that)  I decided to instead stop what I was doing and make a craft with her.  I think my heart grew 3 times the size during that special moment and I could see the happiness she felt as I joined her.
     Even though it would be nice to spend lots of money for her, I more just want her to know how true the three words, "I love you" really are when I say them.

   Becky joy

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