Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Life is about how you handle plan B.

     While my husband and I were walking down main street in Moab window shopping, I saw a little sign that said, "Life is about how you handle plan B".  I seriously couldn't agree more!  I started to learn this lesson at a young age when my dream of being a cheer leader (please don't judge, my Dad used to take me to games with him when I was little and to tell you the truth I watched the dancers the whole time) just didn't happen.
     Later on when my husband and I were dating/engaged he talked a lot about going to law school and becoming a lawyer.  I was fine with that, I wasn't really sure what my life would be like being married to a lawyer but I was glad there was a plan.  Well after a couple of years of talking about law school, my husband had been doing more research on the career and realized he did not want to be a lawyer.  Since then, there has been no plan.  Just living day by day with the question in our minds, "what should we do next?"   
      I really never imagined this for my life.  I am very different from my husband and I suppose I give myself a timeline on when I need to figure things out.  He takes things slower and doesn't want to just jump into anything because if he ended up deciding he didn't like it he would have wasted time and money.  I think he has gained a fear of choosing a career that he will have to do for the rest of his life because his Dad didn't really enjoy his job.  Through plan A not panning out I have come to get to know a thing I have often heard people call "a virtue": patience.
     Patience has become my plan B.  So how am I handling plan B?   I am not going to lie, I hate plan B.  But it is a blessing in many ways, because it has caused me to fall on my knees many times and remember my Heavenly Father.  Yes I see other couples younger than me, just barely married who already have things figured out, who are buying houses, who are settled, and sometimes I just cry.  But I never forget that no matter how many times I have to pack up and move again leaving friends behind and wondering how the next place will be, I have so many more blessings to count than trials.  
      Just to name one blessing in fact, I have always had a dream of traveling and being a public speaker, and for those of you who don't move a lot, let me just tell you how excited a Bishop gets when he sees new faces enter a ward.  I have spoken many times, sharing my testimony to hundreds of people.  And plus I will never forget my wonderful experience speaking with an Apostle, Elder Perry. God is good to me.  

        Becky joy


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