Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July 2014

      This year for the Fourth of July, I decided it would be fun to make shirts as a family for the holiday.  I found the idea on pinterest.  I pinned stars (made out of wax paper) on white shirts and then we took pencil erasers, dipped them in blue or red paint, and then painted red and blue spots all over our shirts.  After the paint dried I took off the wax paper stars and we had white stars left in the middle of our shirts.     

Weston got a little crazy with his dot painting. 
I let Sage do a few on her own, but we mostly helped her. 

Sage got a little tired of doing instructional paining and asked if she could just paint.  Here she is showing us her beautiful masterpiece! 
Here are our beautiful shirts laying out to dry (p.s. I also put a piece of wax paper in the middle of our shirts so the paint wouldn't soak through.)

Here we are on the fourth modeling our beautiful matching (not cheesy at all, okay I love to be cheesy and I love it so much how my husband will go along with it because it makes me soooo happy! I gave him 5 stars since he was so good about it.)

     We celebrated the Fourth with the Cook side of the family by going to 2 parades, playing games, eating lots of sugar, running through sprinklers (kids), and finishing off the night watching fireworks.  On our way home, Weston and I talked about how much fun we had that day.
Weston and Janna are super excited as they watch the parade go by (Weston says they inherited their great ability to show excitement from their Dad).
I thought it was cute how Sage and her cousins Roan and Desmond were all covering their ears as the firetrucks went by at the parade. 
Sage's cousins Kenna and Ellie are visiting from Abu Dhabi.  They take care and play with Sage, we love them!

Tina (Weston's sister) and Bruce (Tina's man :)

Sage enjoying an otter pop at the parade.  Usually I don't allow too much sugar in our diet but on the Fourth I just took a deep breath and let it happen.
                          Wheelers meeting, getting MORE SUGAR as we wait for the parade to begin.

Cousin pictures (baby Revan is the only one who wasn't outside when I took these.)

                                        Roan, Desmend, Kenna, Ellie, Sage, and Kiley

Becky joy

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