Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sledding (Well I think this form of activity in the snow would have a different name but for now we will stick with sledding)

     Sledding with Weston's family was a completely new experience.  Let me explain.... Usually when I think of sledding I first imagine, well a sled, and then a long hill covered with snow with maybe some trees at the bottom.  At Weston's house we used a deer skin as our sled.  What I mean by deer skin is that we sled on the skin of a dead deer that they shot durring hunting season.  Luckily it was dark so I couldn't see what I was really sitting on. 
     The hill was really just a big mound of snow piled high that lead into a huge hole, about 20 feet deep, where everyone would drop into.  I didn't end up going down the hole because I want to live longer!!!  Plus, I had a horrible experience cow riding and since then I have come realize that I would rather be content on the side relaxing while I watched others do crazy (stupid) things.  I just hope that Weston lives durring them so we can grow old together, or so I can atleast have some form of entertainment while I sit to side. 

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