Sunday, February 15, 2015

I love you to the moon and back!

 Some of my favorite things: hearts, the color pink, holidays, family, love, basically to sum it up:  I Love Valentine's Day!!!  I like to think of it as Valentine's month actually because I like to spend the whole month doing activities centered around the holiday.
 Some of the things we did this month to remind us of this fun holiday:
I made and put a heart garland up.  I think I am going to leave it up for March, April, May...well forever!
Sage and I made chocolate covered strawberries and we took Valentine's to all of her friends around the neighborhood.

Every year Weston gets a little gift for Sage and this year we decided that I would get one for Reuben too!

Also every year I make pink pancakes for breakfast and try and make all of our food heart shaped!  We had a heart pizza for dinner.

I made Weston heart shaped scrambled eggs since he couldn't eat the pancakes.
I also made him chocolate shaped chocolate hearts that are sugar free and safe for him to eat.  They are made with coconut oil and stevia.  I made the heart pancakes pink using beets.

And of course we all dress up in Valentine clothes!  My little Love Monster.
After breakfast we went on a family hike in Maple Canyon and we had a picnic.  While Weston and I were in college we went on a hike there together.  We started our hike as just friends and ended our hike holding hands (so I guess you can say we didn't leave as "just friends").  After we got back I made the heart pizza and we got a babysitter for Sage while Weston and I (along with Reuben) went on a date.  This is going to sound lame but we went to dinner and then we went to Walmart.  I love walking around Walmart with Weston.  I don't know why but it is one of my favorite things.  We used to do it all the time before we had kids.
Weston let me borrow his coat.  What a gentleman.

Yes we did indeed hike through those huge rocks up there and Sage was a little trooper.

You can't see it under my coat and jacket but Weston got me this cute heart shirt as a gift and I got him all the Dominion games.
    Becky joy

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