Friday, September 12, 2014

Where I got my nickname Bexi

     Since I for some reason don't feel tired enough to sleep tonight, I decided I would answer the big question I am asked all the time.  Why does your husband call you Bexi?  My freshman year at Snow College I became really good friends with a girl from my highschool: Whitni Erickson (now Whitni Barton).  We were pretty much inseparable when we weren't in class.  One day she looked at me and said, "I keep wanting to call you Bexi,"  and I told her, "do it!"  (Not knowing of course I was allowing a nickname to come into my life that I would be known as each day for the rest of forever).
     As time went by all of my college friends started calling me Bexi and it just became my new name.  I rarely was called anything else.
     Some of the friends I was making in college had a friend come home from his 2 year mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and welcomed him right into our club, Fest club that is (that's what we called it when we got together, lol!)  His name was/is Weston Cook and as they introduced all the people that were new to him they pointed at me and said, "this is Bexi the sexi mexi"  (lovely how it just kept growing right?)  So Weston (now my husband) just knew me as Bexi.  In fact it is too weird to him to call me Becky (and if it ever happens I don't like it.  Just sounds too strange coming from him).
     So that is where my nickname came from and that is why my husband calls me it.

    Becky joy

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