Monday, September 22, 2014

Success in everything I do.

  Today I finally decided to watch this video that has been floating around facebook (if it is not pulling up you can find it on youtube under mormon message you never know how much good you do):
      The ending of course touched me deeply and I am so thankful I watched this video.  This is so me!  There are so many things I want to do for myself but at the end of the day my family is taken care of, friends and neighbors have been served, and my relationship with my Heavenly Father was not ignored.
      My patriarchal blessing mentions me having success in everything I do. As time has gone by this line in my blessing has confused me so much and I have often thought to myself, "I haven't had success in anything!"   One day it hit me,  I have always read this line thinking that whatever I do or start I will rise to the top probably because this is how the world views success.  Well I am not the best at anything and I have started many things that never really amounted to much of anything, but I have learned something new from everything I have tried and I am growing as a spirit and an individual in the right direction:  that is my success.

One night Weston and I decided that it would be fun to have a big sleepover with Sage in the living room.  We watched a movie as a family and had treats.  We all stayed up until midnight giggling and cuddling. This is success.  I may never win a reward but my family is where my passion is. #youneverknowhowmuchgoodyoudo

Becky joy

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