Thursday, August 21, 2014

You only turn 26 once!

     Since turning 26 is a once in a lifetime event, I decided to spend the day in the city with my little Sagie girl!  Pedicures, shopping, fine dining, and ice cream!   And then at the end of the day I got some time with my attractive husband and we went to my Hypnobirthing class together.  The day couldn't have been better, I enjoyed each part of my day.  
It was so cute because Sage chose her own colors and told the lady she wanted purple nails with a yellow flower.  The Lady must have assumed Sage was too little to know what she was talking about so she painted a pink flower instead.  Sage looked down and corrected her, "no, I want a yellow flower".  The lady looked at me with surprise and then promised Sage she would put a yellow gen in the middle of the flower.  
So relaxing, so fun, and sooo pregnant!
I caught this cute smile at the right moment.  She loved being pampered and sat so still!

Purple sparkly nails (p.s. those ladies were super sneaky and kept adding extra things for Sage which also shot up the price).  Her pedicure was supposed to be 7 bucks but those tricky ladies would look at Sage and ask questions like "would you like a flower", "would you like your nails painted too?"  "Sparkles?"   and before I knew it I was charged 20 bucks because a little 2 year old of course is not going to say no and I had no idea the price went up every time she said yes. It was fun though.

We ate at my favorite restuarant these days found at the Good Earth in Orem: Cafe Fresh
Coconut Curry

We also went to JoAnns Fabric store and I had so much fun picking out fabric for a quilt we are going to make at my Baby Shower.  I thought this Ocean themed material was super cute.  I love shopping with out other people there (usually I would have been super stressed with even Sage there but she actually was an Angel, suprise suprise) because I have a really hard time making decisions and this took me 2 hours to pick out.  I am so glad I didn't feel pressured to make a quick decision and I LOVE what I ended up choosing.  The fluffy white will be the back of the quilt. 
When I met my husband before we headed to our class he surprised me with this gift!  Such a cute sign he designed for me and made. I showed him a sign similar to it a few weeks ago and told him I loved the saying. (We figured out after a few people read it though that some of the words are spelled wrong, oops, I guess it's a one of kind and I can say no one else will have anything like it ;)

From start to finish my day was pretty perfect I would have to say.  I got home late that night to find a washer and dryer, a house and a car (all the things I put on my wish list).  Thank you Katty, I sure enjoyed my happy ending!

 Love, Becky joy

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